Learning Environment

Learning environment is an educational approach, cultural contexts or physical settings in which teaching and learning occur. It includes the settings of all types of learners and activities. Alternatively, it is the classroom. The organization has undertaken the meaning of educational philosophy, encompassing a variety of cultures. There are given highly appreciated to the population culture in the societal sense. It is considering that operational characteristics of education can have a determining role of the nature of the learning environment. It includes organization type, structure, non-institutional, schedule, staffing, attendance, teacher certification, assessment, mentoring, and curriculum. The organization has a wide variety of settings such as outside of school location and outdoor environments. In education settings, the priorities are made by conducting classes in relevant natural ecosystems, grouping desks, decorating the walls with learning materials, utilizing audio, visual, and digital technologies. In each setting, the organization has its potential goal to be research and innovative center. Research and innovation are the subjects to the learning environment.